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Is Mobile Wallet and Beacon Solutions for you?


Our managed mobile wallet and beacon solutions may not be suitable for all, but if you’re;


  1. Looking at ways of enhancing and adding value to your customer experiences?
  2. Considering new and unique ways in which your consumers can interact with your products and services?
  3. Maybe contemplating interactive solutions to improve brand awareness and customer loyalty?


Then contact us to see if our managed mobile wallet and beacon solutions could possibly help you?

Don’t be shy we’d love to hear from you! –

Mobile Wallet

If you’re in Retail, Hospitality, F&B or Events/Entertainment and looking to gain a competitive edge, what would it mean to your business if

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Proximity Marketing

Lizzie Benson Marketing offer Proximity Marketing, also known as Location Based Marketing as an exciting and intuitive solution for connecting businesses with their customers.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is cutting-edge technology that brings print to life by allowing readers to launch interactive digital content from aprinted page.

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